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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{ at } home today...Fresh Beginnings!

I am excited to start this new blog.  I feel it's a better reflection of who I am!

Blogging the last 2 + years at  "La Borda Bleu" was a wonderful experience

  but, {there is always a but right before the big's kinda like a break-up right?}

well,  I just started feeling like I out grew it...

I needed a change something to make me feel inspired again...

a  fresh start to a

 new journey...

Home has always held a special place in my's where it all begins and ends for me.

Nancy elizabeth  {at } home

is where it will start :)

I hope you will follow and enjoy the start of my new blog life with ME!

xo Nancy


  1. I'm in! I know I will enjoy this blog as much as your old one.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment!! I am soo blessed to have you in my life!!
    xo Nancy


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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