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Thursday, November 17, 2011

{ at } home today....Getting in the Spirit of Christmas

I have been in the Christmas spirit for a few days now and decided I was going to start decking the halls around the house..I know, it's not even after Turkey Day right? OH Bah HumBUG! :)

I started in my daughters room....surprised? maybe not.  I love to re-arrange her room every week or 2, really I do! I'm sure she is SICK of it but, she should be used to it by now..poor girl.  I remember my mother doing the same and I SOOOO hated it & NOW, I'm doing the same thing!  Maybe this should be my New Years Resolution "Leave daughters room alone & pick another room to mess with"  I will try my best is all I can say!


For my daughters room I made a little Peace swag with cute little white glittery fairies. 
 I am currently addicted to GLITTER!
  I want to glitter the entire house..a lil BLING never hurt anyone!

I used  a scalloped punch, glitter fairies from Walmart {12 for $2.97}, Martha Stewart letter stencil, velvety blue ribbon, free paint swatch cards from Lowes & glitter!

 I made a ton of these little bottle brush trees...currently addiction #2!

Peace sign from PB last year...added a pink glittery ornament from Micheal's after Christmas sale .25!

I bought Madeleine her very own white Christmas tree for her room....I can't wait to decorate it!
I look forward to seeing how she decorates it!!

Are you getting in the spirit?  Get off your bum, turn on some Christmas music and get in the spirit!!  I LOVE LOVE this time of year!!

xo Nancy


  1. Looks great! She will love it and I'll have to hear from my precious nugget why don't you do that to my room!! I'll remind you next year about the rearranging.. I wish I had your creativity!!

  2. Your swag is such a sweet idea! I also looked at the bookcase you redid! What a fabulous job. It takes a good eye to see what it could become!

    Thanks for sharing at Potpourri Friday! I am a friend and follower!


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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