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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{ at } home attempt at sewing

I searched the web for a pleated linen tree skirt for our tree this year & never found, I decided to sew one!  HA! It literally took me 4 hours to accomplish- 3 of those 4 hours was trying to figure out how to thread the freak'n sewing machine! Yes, it's true!  Finally, the last hour my husband came home from a super long day at work & saw how frustrated I was, he sat down & just like that threaded the dang thing for me ONCE again!  Seriously, it takes a genius!  PROPS to all you sewers out there!  

Here is my attempt looks pretty good in pics but, you should see the stitching and jack'd up unevenly spaced pleats & get this, I decided to get all fancy and do a decorative stitch{i know} & ran out of bobbin thread towards the end but, I ironed it so, you can't even tell unless you go up to it and really examine it..OMG! :)
It's kinda resembles what I envisioned! LOL 

fabric source- interior fabric in Houston, TX $12.99 a yard{thank god it was this inexpensive!}

Here is a close up of the fancy stitch I decided to add

don't hate b/c i'm all fancy!

PS - i'm taking orders...NOT :)

anyone trying their hand at a tree skirt this year?  If so, let me know how it goes!

xo Nancy

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