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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{ at } home today....weekend recap

I have to confess.....I didn't even think about the light fixture this past weekend!  I had wayyy too much going on like shopping at Target. :)  I know busy right?  Just wanted to show you a few things I found that were just too cute! 

sperry knock-offs {why not?}

I liked the low wedge on these 

how cute would these bags be monogrammed & for $19.99 not bad!

this tote had ample room for  a couple of towels.
I liked how the bottom had leather and the straps were leather..
this one $34.99 {I think}

and these rings...cute huh? $7.99

I didn't buy any of the items above... I did buy laundry detergent & household stuff...ooooh awwww


then, went to Old Navy and bought this cute cotton dress below...super cute & $12! 25% off!!
they are currently out of stock via online..they do have the red & white..cute as well!

small image all I can find to show you...

We attended a friends bday party & I made my first salsa & homemade chips!!  

I didn't take a pic of my salsa but everyone said they enjoyed it!


1 medium onion 
6 red juicy tomatoes
4 cloves of garlic
a bunch of cilantro
6 large jalapenos

now, put all ingredients in a pot of water and boil
once boiled
just put in a blender and blend
that's it!

now, add salt to taste & a pinch or 2 of cumin



cut up tortilla into triangles 
add canola oil to pan
let it heat
add tortilla triangles
and let them fry to a golden brown
sprinkle a little salt
and you have homemade chips!

 thick great for dipping!

Sunday we had swimteam pics  here's my little sugar bear..not so little anymore

she is just growing up right in front of me!  

and that is what I did this past weekend!

It went by wayyyy toooo fast!  

6 more day of school left and I am thrilled!!

Come on Summer!!

Beach, cute sun dresses, flip flops....LOVE

xo nancy elizabeth


  1. Chalk full of everything post! Love it! Love Target. Love your dress choice. I am a huge fan of chips and salsa, so your recipe is awesome. And your baby, is like my baby--not a baby anymore.:(
    Have a beautiful Memorial day weekend!

  2. Is it Memorial Day again already ? I follow quite a lot of American blogs and it seems like yesterday that people were posting about it .. Anyway, Nancy Elizabeth, thanks for becoming my newest follower, my teeny new-born blog is very grateful !
    Lovely post, I wish we had Target in France ; I bought a pair of these short plastic boots on a French site (red with white polka dots !), they're so easy to put on and take off ; the weather has been awful for months here and I can't be bothered to put on the Hunters, especially to go and walk the dog ! xxx

  3. Love the first boots, hadn't seen them! I have the low wedges in beige and love them. Did not see those rings though, super cute, wonder if they still have?
    Thanks for sharing your finds, next time leave the boring stuff behind and get something for yourself!:)
    Am your newest follower!


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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