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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{at} home today...Summer has Officially Started!


Between school being out, yard sale , swim team 6 out of 7 days- I called a mini getaway & surprise for our daughter because she did such a great job in 3rd grade and moved  up to 4th!  I let her invite 2 friends & they had no idea where we were taking them either! I made sure to the momma's knew not to say a peep!  They did great keeping our little secret.  A week of trying to guess where we were taking them had them going BoNkerS!!

We made a list of items to bring...

Bathing Suit
Shorts....the total basics!

then I added to the list "Bailey" which is our little dog...this threw her for a loop for sure.

so your probably wondering where we  took them right?

We took her to Jellystone in Waller, TX.!!  It's 40 minutes from where we live and perfect for kids of all ages!

It's inexpensive and you can glamp it by renting a cabin with air conditioning & tv! Tent days are not so much present or future for this chick. :)

Ok- so the packing was extreme just for 2 days!  I had to pack sheets, blankets, pots...basically our entire house!! This was the only downfall to this trip...they have a cafe on site but we wanted them to experience what it's like to rough it a little- you know toughen their skin a little bit...NOT!

Yard Sale -was slow...made a whopppp'n $115!  better than nothing & not bad for 4 hours!!
I still have most of my vintage finds which i'd like add to NanMarket to sell when I find a little time this summer!  I ended up donating a ton of junk to my favorite thrift store....sigh.
it's all good tho..I still have to purge 2 more rooms...uggh double uggh

Swim- last night we had our last swim meet and we WON!!  My girl got first in Free and we were SO proud of her!!  Our little NEMO!  

and finally Yogi Bear Jellystone Park!  What a great place to go and just getaway if it's just for 2 days it's worth it!

between the 3 sweet girls there was a lot of giggling and boy watching-lets not forget The Bieber!  ....ugggh already

they karaoke to Adele "someone like you" OMG were theyAdoraAAble!

well that's the start to our 
hope yours is to a great start!

xo nancy elizabeth


  1. Yayayayayay--summer!!!! Love it!!! And,I've never heard of Jellystone! How did that happen, I've lived in Texas (Houston) all my life! Just goes to show, Big in Texas--too big to know everything about it, right? Hope we can get together this summer, as soon as my move is over! :)

  2. Lovely and I liked the sound of those waves on your sidebar. Did you just add them ? Just what I needed on (yet another) rainy Sunday afternoon !x


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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