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Friday, November 16, 2012

{ at } home today...a collection of BHG Christmas Ideas

I love Christmas and with that said I put together a few pics of Christmas decorating ideas from BHG.

I struggle with one color scheme because I LOVE it all.

Last year I changed it up and tried green and brown...womp womp womp... it just felt drab.  It was pretty but not for me.  This year I think I'll add RED back to the mix?  OR just infuse ALL color?
Speaking of switching it up....
I  scored a super cute tree skirt this year!!  I found it at Marshalls ~my togo to store 3 minutes down the road!! LUCKY right NOT so much it's my vice!! It's pretty sad when they know who you are..LOL

oh well...whatcha gonna do? not shop>>>>>WRONG

This year I am thinking about making some stockings for us....i'll leave at that...

ok now for the good stuff from BHG

ooooh awwww 

  Paper Whites are pretty but THEY STINK!! 

Love love the boxwood wreath but OMG are they expensive!! 
I actually looked at my little boxwoods in my flowerbed and thought about butchering one or two to make a wreath..I decided against.
...maybe i'll start a boxwood farm! then I wouldn't feel bad? 

 I'm into the faux fur this year....hint hint

one of my favorite 

i like this like a whole lot....

I really love the square moss wreath

massive pine cones!  i saw some at Marshall's yesterday...should I go back and get them? hmmmmm

those are some BIG BALLS!! heehee

Have a great weekend and I might just get in the mood to start decorating!!  First, Gotta find my Christmas music stash and go get me some Vino or something...

xo nancy elizabeth

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