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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

{ at } home today....a lil bit of christmas going on around here....

Slowly but surely I'm getting our tree decorated...the weather here is so yucky that it JUST doesn't put you in the mood!  Today it's drizzly, dark and muggy!

With that I had the energy after work to get a few more decorations up...

{it's 4:30 and look at how dark our house it today...}

and here is what i have so far....

I decided to change up my color scheme this year!  Color Color Color!

I want a happy tree & not so much a sophisticated tree

my tree doesn't have to impress anyone 

just needs to be happy :)

love my faux fur tree skirt I found and Marshalls...I think Maya{puppy} loves it a little more than me..
she thinks it a stuffed animal and has found a nice little spot under the tree to sit and chew on it!  

I have a few more ideas for it and hopefully will finish it by this weekend...but first gotta get ready for my daughters 10th bday!!  10 I say 10!!

double digits and oh my do I see a big difference from last year- she has her very first boy crush on Harry Styles from One Direction!

she gets giddy just talking about him or the band...

I'm not ready for her to grow up :(
{i think i say the same thing every year but it's true}

one thing ~she is happy and healthy and a beautiful sweet almost 10 year old!

God has really blessed me with such a beautiful gift of being a mother!

back to work while this momma has energy..doesn't happen all the time!


xo nancy elizabeth

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  1. Hi Nancy! Your photo captures warmth, happiness, and gorgeousness of your tree and home! Great job! I'm sure it brings a smile to your heart everytime you enter the room! xo


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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