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Thursday, October 6, 2011

{ at } home today... My Struggle My Story

Reason for this post is....My Story

I'm a diabetic

I have type 2 diabetes, I was diagnosed 12 years ago & I take insulin shots - 2 different types

 3 times a day.

My Struggle

my body has gotten older and not working like it use to- I understand this happens but, I'm not your typical aging person...I have this nasty disease & I needed to change something! 

A few years ago, I decided to take meat out of my diet- I did for 1 year...I didn't see a difference so, I quit.   I figured a little bit of meat product here and there was not bad.

I've tried cutting out carbs to working out... I did feel better but, I just didn't stick to it.

 more than often I put my needs last....{as most moms do}

I often ask myself,  don't  I want to be around for my daughter, husband, family and friends? 

YES I most definitely do!!

It's been  a life struggle and I hate it but, ONLY I can change it.

A dear  friend suggested I should try juicing a few weeks ago.  She does it for 10 days to clean her system out and then, periodically substitutes meals for juices..she's also a vegan & with both she has taken care of a few health issues and now healthy as can BE.
I thought to myself~ if she can do it I can too....
then, just didn't think about it anymore


I went to Costco this past Sat. and I saw the Vitamix sales guy pitching his spill on why we should invest in this $400 blender...he made a veggie smoothie- it was daughter even drank it without gagging & made a fresh fruit sorbet that was delish...
WE we're sold but, I knew I didn't have $400 for that amazing machine.
So, we {my mother & daughter} stood there and talked to him for several minutes...I told him I was a diabetic and I've heard people have lowered their blood sugars by juicing & eating all green.

He said, YES that's true, we kept talking.. he talked to me about the benefits of raw foods, herbs 


 then, out of no where this woman comes up and says 
"I love this's worth every husband has DIABETES for years and he has taken himself of most of his medicine..he uses it daily, he makes smoothies and juices, it's CHANGED HIS LIFE"

WAS this a sign from GOD?

I have been praying to help me figure out a way to try to cure myself of this nasty disease...was this a message form the man above?  

Even the Vitamix sales guys said "she may be your angel"


I couldn't believe what I was hearing....

Is this really you GOD at Costco?? lol 

of all places...I suppose it doesn't matter where you are at right?

 I seriously thought about what had happened and I decided it was time, time to take charge and change something..something I have been needing to do for a long long long time...
{i have been in denial of my disease & wanted to carry on and eat like everyone else}
CHANGE-is hard
a four letter word I hate
not go on a diet but....

  introduce more of what my body needs to power up & continue an entire day w/o being exhausted!
what I was eating wasn't bad all the time but, it's not what my body needed
it was taking a toll on my body and I have been feeling it lately...i'm only 41 and feel like i'm 51!

The next day, I headed to my local grocery store and stocked up on organic fruits and vegetables and started my new way of eating...

I start my day with a fruit/veggie smoothie in the morning

1/2 banana
flax seed
protein powder

 for lunch I make a mostly green's a bit chunky due to the blender I have but, not too too bad...she's old but she works...

couple of carrots
flax seed
a bit of honey
protein powder
1/4 of an apple

then, I eat dinner.

My blood sugars have been up and down~trying to figure out what is spiking it up so, I've been changing up the recipes to see what works best for my body.

and the best part is

I've reduced my insulin take by 1/2!!

I honestly can say I FEEL Better!! 

I don't feel tired after I eat which is AMAZING to me!!!

it may take some of us longer to figure things out but, I will continue to pray 

and I know with Gods guidance he will continue to help me! 

~I hope to bring inspiration to anyone out there that struggles with this same nasty disease~

God IS GOOD!  Have Faith, Pray and he will deliver~ even if it's at Costco  :)

{disclaimer...not affiliated w/ vitamix in any shape way or form...but, if Vitamix is reading I would defineteley love one! :)}

My deepest sympathy to Steve Jobs family and friends.
Prayers to you all.


xo Nancy


  1. Nancy, diabetes is for sure a nasty beast! Congratulations on taking charge. You have inspired me to start juicing also. My husband and I have talked but it ended there. Any place you like to get recipes? Good luck!!!

  2. Very courageous of you to share your story! I will be praying for you! And, what a great story to tell about your trip to Costco! Have a beautiful weekend Nancy! xo

  3. Last night I watched Forks Over Knives and am ispired to start hitting the vegetables HARD! Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration!

  4. Oh, I think God goes to Coscoe and lots of other places, if we just pay attention. Good lick ion your journey to better health.


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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