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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{ at } home today...The Prairie part 2

I've always been inspired by Rachel Ashwell and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever get a chance to meet her YET sit with her and talk to her!! 

THREE days prior to the luncheon I received an email from Kelley at the Hidden List saying she had a cancellation & if I was still interested in attending! 

 What! "SHUT the FRONT DOOR"!! 

I couldn't believe what I was reading...I had my husband read it to make sure I was reading it right....yep I read it correctly!! 
I couldn't type quickly enough to reply with a big YES I'm IN!!

Prior to this rewinding to a month back I read on Holly Mathis blog about the luncheon...I emailed Kelley at The Hidden List{organized the luncheon...hugs to you! } and asked if there where any openings...She kindly replied with "NO sorry we are all booked"... :(
 but, she did say she would keep my email just in case.

I didn't think about it again because well, who would CANCEL right? 
A BIG HUGE Thanks to the 1 person who cancelled b/c w/o you I would have never ever met Ms. Ashwell!!!

OMG can I tell you I couldn't sleep for 3 days after I received confirmation that I was on list among 34 other amazing bloggers!!  I felt like I just hit the lotto!!

The morning of the luncheon I had butterflies in my stomach and kept debating on what to wear...knowing me, I always like to look all fancy and stuff..LOL I just couldn't put my finger on the perfect outfit...would it be simple shirt, jeans & boots?? or a cute luncheon dress??  I opted for the outfit below and I think I was the most colorful person there...OH well, I stood out right? haha

funny thing is I had an outfit almost identical to Rachel's picked out to wear!!
 Great minds do think alike!! :)

when my daughter saw this picture she said "mommy you and Rachel could have been twins" oh bless her little heart..not exactly twins but I got what she meant...

The Prairie is located in Round Top, TX which is between Houston &'s really pretty hill country!  One day I would like to move away from this busy city life to a senic hill country life!!

and Like Rachel I would LOVE LOVE to have my own B&B!

A couple of years ago I talking to my husband about my dream of owning a B&B with a cute store.. a place to have parties, weddings, luncheons...very simple nothing fancy- he said "that would be nice"
and we kept on with our normal day...You know what?

When I stepped foot onto the property it was like if my vision of my own B&B came TRUE! 

It was like a DREAM!

Upon arrival at The Prairie I didn't expect this simple entrance for someone like Rachel Ashwell,
 I mean she's an icon, kinda big time right? 
What did I expect...well, I pictured stone entrance with white iron gates and some shabby chic type light fixtures and a secret code to get in.. I mean it's Rachel Ashwell!

....this entrance set the mood for entire day!

Simplicity at it's BEST!

at the end of the dirt road the first house you see is the "Liliput Lodge" named after her daughter Lilly.
Built in the 1800's

Below is what it looked like before Rachel bought the property.

more later this week when I take you inside this beauty....

But First, 

The luncheon - It was held at the Rangers Lounge

there was chippy paint everywhere...luv

 angel wings on beautiful vintage dresses -what a great idea for a little girls room!

I love the way she incorporated the Texas feel thru-out the B&B
"Kick off your boots and rest a spell!"

as you walk in the door the the kitchen is to the left...

come back now, you hear...{a lil tacky~ i'm in that type of mood today :)}

as I will continue my posting on the luncheon inside the Rangers Lounge & the rest of my day
 at The Prairie with Rachel Ashwell!!

xo Nancy

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  1. Nancy, I am still very jealous (in a good way)! I am just soooooo happy for you! You have such a great selection of photos! The Prairie is so wonderfully Texas! It's so beautiful! Your posting is so lovely too! Talk to you soon! xo


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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