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Friday, September 30, 2011

{ at } home today...My Day at The Prairie

A day I looked forward to & well it was FABULOUS!!!

Since I had wayy too much to say & words could not describe my delightful dreamy experience 

  I decided to put all my pictures together in a mini movie & share

" The Prairie " thru my eyes with all of you!


fyi- it's lengthy 

my thoughts...

  just so you know...Ms. Rachel Ashwell was SO humble and sweet as Texas Tea~she fits right in! 

She takes pride in every nook & cranny of her B&B and it shows!  

If you have a chance to stay at The Prairie YOU won't be disappointed! 

Thanks to Kelley {the hidden list}for putting this beautiful luncheon together, Dwell with Dignity &  Mr. Bud Royers for the OMG delicious lunch & pie you prepared for all of us!! 

and not to forget all the sweet bloggers who put together a little something for us to take home... wayyyy tooo sweet!

more post to come!

xo Nancy


  1. It's lovely Nancy! You did a great job on your feature of the blogger's luncheon and a day spent at The Prairie. It was so good to meet you. :) Dana Pugh

  2. I am ssooooo jealous and happy for you all at once!!!!!! Love love love the three flags flying!!! I am going to have to visit the Prairie!!! This prairie look is the one romantic think I truly love about Texas! We do it well! I can't wait to have my own pictures of the Prairie, however, yours has the main ingridient.....RA!!!! Loved the video! And I see your precious daughter received a gift too!

  3. What a wonderful video enjoyed it all
    so pretty Loved your boots around the star and the sweet look on your face with Rachel
    Dreams do come true Thanks for sharing your dream with all of us


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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