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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{ at } home today....con't Adding Color ramblings

I took a few shots of the kitchen cabinets where I added my pop of color.   I desperately need a new kitchen but for now we are using our old Ikea kitchen cabinets which are holding up for time being.

One day we will finish what we started in 08'... I think, can't even remember it's been that long!  Seriously,  I can make a list from here to China of all the projects we  need to finish...for now I'm just ok with it all.   No sense getting all worked up over it with the economy the way it is...remember I'm a Realtor! 

It's livable and as long as we make it a happy home for my daughter it's all just fine.

mikasa english countryside for everyday use

mint green kitchen aid ~I received for Christmas!

vintage pyrex~thrift

Franciscan el patio little collection of saucers & bowl~thrift

cobalt blue fiesta ware

mccoy pottery

avocado green dutch oven

baskets from ikea

seashell pottery plates ~ thrift

old milk container 

dollar store white serving tray with juice containers

glass pitcher -walmart

xL yellowish bowls- freebies 

everything we have is pretty much budget friendly :)

adding a little bit of color here and there until I figure it out is a good thing as martha would say...

I keep looking for HGTV spots in Houston for Kitchen Remodel giveaways!! I'm all over it!!

dreaming is not a bad thing 

xo nancy elizabeth

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