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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{ at } home today...Adding Color ramblings

As I have mentioned before I have a love for color but, have a hard time incorporating it in my home.  I have studied stalked designers rooms & some blog sites & find myself going back to them time and time again...I am trying to figure out how they incorporate color without making it look too crazy busy or tendy!

The truth is my home is boring.  I'm finding out that I'm not the shabby or tone on tone type of girl...eventho I do love the romantic feel of it  and it's easy for me... I just don't feel it anymore.  I find myself feeling really inspired when I see color.   I wear a lot of color so why is it soo hard for me to add it in my home?

Here is what I'm attracted to... a little mod, Nantucket beachy feel, vintage {anthro}& preppy{monogram anything, everything & gingham}... how do I incorporate it all to make it cohesive??? yes, that is the question!  

I have recently put a few color pieces of McCoy pottery in my kitchen that I have had stored away in the attic & I really like it...I tend to look that direction every time I walk into the kitchen...I know weird right? 

 I went thrifting over the weekend for bamboo mid century frames- we have several Auduban bird prints & we want to frame them all in this type of frame... didn't have much luck :( 
gosh, I remember they were always soo easy to find  NOT anymore.   Mid century is the trend right now so, I guess that's why? 

Well instead I found these colorful pieces.

2 white potterybarn large salad bowls, el patio fransiscan circa 1934 saucers, 1 plate & 2 soup bowls and 3 pyrex bowls.  I just love the all the colors!  

I believe as I get older my style will evolve into who I am...until then, here's a couple of rooms that I just adore below...

images -pinterest

xo nancy elizabeth

btw- i started tweeting join me!! tweet tweet :)

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  1. Love the two rooms, too! And, I believe you're right, as we get older we actually become the truest sense of our-self and our homes reflect it. Love all the color you're working to incorporate! xo


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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