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Monday, January 9, 2012

{ at } home today...Wool Blankets

Here is my post I've promised for a week now...the 2 wool blankets I scored for $5 each!

To be quite honest...
I've never ever owned a wool blanket or any wool item because I use to be highly allergic to it when I was a kid -I broke out in hives one winter & my skin has never touched wool since.. I'm not sure if I still am? Do I want to find out...not

But, I just couldn't pass up they were adorable and cheap!

 It's not a Pendleton Wool Blanket - it's  a vintage from JCPenny. 

I googled the blanket and found these images of below.

I would soooo wear this!

Love LOVE loVE

wondering what I'm going to do with this blanket????'s not mine anymore

 as soon as my husband laid eyes on this blanket I could see the wheels turning in his head...

...he's going to use it to re-upholster old greens bench seat.  
old green is his mint green truck his granddaddy willed to him.  
I think it will be perfect since the green in the blanket matches!
so, glad I could help him out! lol

Now, the other I can't find anywhere as far as on the web...I like to research my finds to give me an idea of where it's from and such...
I'm starting to think it might be a rug? It's very thick wool....any ideas?

I laid it over Madeleine's bed to show's pretty bright & super thick.

both blankets are twin

here is what I would like to do with this blanket...
cover a similar chair or small club for Madeleine's room. 

I remember a few months back Anthropologie had a sofa upholstered in wool blankets of all sorts and it's was just AMAZING!  Madeleine sat in it the entire time I browsed the store.  She fell in love.

I would definitely not use to cover the entire would look crazy!

  I would pick a solid color material for the sides and use the rainbow wool blanket to re-upholster the seat cushion and the back of the chair.

I said I wanted to add color right? right!  

xo nancy elizabeth

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  1. Beautiful images of wool use! I too get very itchy around wool. I love what your husband is going to use the blanket for!


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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