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Friday, January 6, 2012

{ at } home today...flashback to Christmas

I know, not  Christmas

since I didn't share earlier just let me go ahead and share now...a few pics of Christmas at The Carey's.  
We usually have a house full but, this year it was unlike any other. 
 My younger sister moved to another town and had hogs to tend to and they couldn't make it, my husbands brother just graduated nursing school and has a fabulous job at MD Anderson and had to work so his family didn't make it, my sister in-law lives out of town as well and they couldn't make it, my nephew spent it with with dad...Madeleine really missed all her cousins!!  
She was the only kid this year...I hope this never happens again! 
Even tho we didn't have all the above WE were very happy & honored to have shared Christmas with our family in town!!

WE just love everyone!!

candy cane shot glasses....pretty cute right?  

every holiday I set-up a little memorial for all of our angels in heaven...

  my baby sister Gabby,  my father in-law Bill Carey,  our sweet cats, our dog April,  my husbands grandparents & my grandparents.

we celebrate Christmas Eve so, NED, Hype Boy & Hype Boy 2 were still around...
they found Justin Beiber wrapping paper...I know wrapping paper what's next? geez

and every year the cute little tinsel tree goes up- it was my husbands parents first Christmas tree.  It's decked out in vintage ornaments which I LOVE!!  It's soo hard to find these ornaments these days!

 Grandma, my sweet Madeleine and Bailey our little stinker...

  and look what I got....yup my very own mint green kitchen aid!  not sure why, maybe it's a hint??lol

xo's nancy elizabeth {my new signature :)}  

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  1. Great post! I love your tinsel tree. The fact that it was your in-laws makes it even more special and desirable!!! Such REAL vintage beauty! Hope you get to enjoy your mint green mixer. I love my mixer (when I use it, LOL)! xo


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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