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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{ at } home today....a quick post

Hello friends!!  Just a quick post on what I've been doing.....

1.  I decided I didn't like any of the things I chose for Madeleine's bathroom and took them all down!  mirrors & light fixtures went bye bye....I spent a day fixing the holes I put in the wall to hang the mirrors & looks exactly as it did before!  Sometimes it's just not right so, back to square 1.

2.  I painted the bright blue wall in Madeleine's bathroom the same color as the bathroom which is Sea Glass by the color, she NOT so much..oh well.

3.  Made a t-shirt for Madeleine's Girl Scout event this past weekend...turned out cute, chk it!

materials used:

sewing machine
thread- blue & green
1- green wash cloth 
1- blue wash cloth
double sided iron on interfacing for appliques{bought at Walmart}
print font desired for the b & enlarge on copier  
copy a GS logo from web - print & enlarge
iron on numbers{bought at Micheal's}
blue and green striped ribbon {bought at Walmart}

iron your double sided webbing to the backside of wash clothes
cut out printed letter and GS logo you printed 
 pin it on your washcloth 
cut them out


iron on the t-shirt where you want them
 here's the tricky part...get your sewing machine out and zig zag around GS logo and letter


iron on your troop number
make your bows and pin on rolled up sleeves


I have so many more ideas - next a swim team shirt /shorts/cover-up!

need to practice my sewing techniques but all is good.

4.  Been keeping up with the above ground pool..we had a hard rain this past Friday and the pool was cloudy..looking better as of last night.  YIPEE!! 

5.  I primed Madeleine's bed a few weeks ago and now just need to get my booty in gear and sand neighbor is going to spray it for me!! NICE!

6.  I have decided to dedicate more time to my blog so ck back for MORE posts!  
{I know- what???lol }

7.  I made a decision to change something I didn't like about myself and praying each day for strength!

8.  I just had to put this picture in this post...she's too CUTE!  Love her dimples..makes me happy!

 Madeleine in action at the Strider event check out her hair bow -it just couldn't hang with all that jumping! :)

Well that's it for now....

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

xo nancy elizabeth

1 comment:

  1. Praying for your strength to accomplish whatever it is you are working towards. You are a very talented woman. Can't wait to see more house updates. xo


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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