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Friday, April 13, 2012

{ at } home today...Easter and POOL fun!

During all the chaos of projects galore we decided to take the plunge  & buy Madeleine an above ground pool!  We have been wanting a pool for years but, decided against it since our property is valued at raw property value and not so much structure. { I'm a }
 We feel we would never recover the expense of a in ground pool but still want one!! We love water!!
 maybe one day we will break down and put one in?? maybe, maybe not.


On Good Friday Madeleine and I went to Costco to get our Easter ham and while strolling thru the isles wasting time we spotted this Intex pool.
We both looked at each other and said "let's call daddy" 
We definetely saw floaties in our future!! 
WE immediately called daddy!!
Daddy said OK!!
We were a little leery putting it in our cart but GLAD we did!

We spent a couple of days leveling the dirt and litteraly took us 1 hr to set it up.
 oh  and 2 days to fill it up! 

It was filled up by Easter morning!!

My husband had to work that afternoon which was depressing but we did get to spend a little time with him that morning!  

I didn't set-up like I usually do for Easter...this year it was a little more relaxed!  I love to put parties together and make goodies for all but, this year I just didn't have the energy to go all out.  
{ Debbie Downer}
We still had a great time - we didn't need all the decorations and gifts to do just that!

We had a nice ham, Hawaiian roles{oh my goodness good} pasta salad a dear friend made, broccoli cheese rice my sister made plus we had some cute cupcakes for desserty! 
 Just enough and plenty good.

 grandma brought a few confetti eggs to hide

 and even Bailey got in on the action

 this is good friends little girl - she really has a ton of energy and put smiles on our faces all day!  What a sweetie.

ready to attack mommy.....look at that face...she's serious!

so, that's how we spent our Easter!!  Hope you all had a wonderful day with family and friends!

xo nancy elizabeth


  1. Loving it! It looks like you had a grand and happy time. Two days?! um, you're not really going to look at that water bill before you pay it next month are you? haha... how are things going in your neck of the woods w/ housing, just curious, know they have dropped significantly around here...

    Cindy Sue


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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