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Thursday, April 5, 2012

{ at } home today....Happy Easter & update

Just a quick hello and update.

We finally finished painting the entire exterior of the house {LOVE} 

{my brother in-law and husband working really hard!  }

{the back side of the house}

The exterior of the house looks GREAT!  I picked a cooler white by SW called Moderate White...I originally picked White Dove by BM which is a beautiful creamy white but on the exterior of the house it looked extremely yellow...ugggh


 in the process of restyling madeleine's bathroom...I've painted it Sea Salt by SW, put a new flush mount by Allen + Roth and 2 Delta Pivot Mirrors up...oh and bought a new shower curtain!! 
 I'm am over the shabby now just going CHIC! lol
{pics soon I hope}

We have decided to hold off on putting new windows in at the front of the house where we still have the originals....after scraping the wood around the back by the french doors- we discovered it's in pretty  rotten, new slider { no more french doors-they take up so much indoor space when opened} and new hardi will go in next...
I saw this amazing Pella Slider I want but scared to see how much it cost!!!

the slider is the middle part and both open to a big opening!! awesomeness!!!

one day one day is what I have to tell myself on a daily basis...

still wishing HGTV will hone in on my project and want to finish it up and show the world! HA! 
{on their expenses of course}
now dreaming :)

WE ARE TIRED but ready for these next few days off!  Sadly, my husband has to work all weekend so, it's just me and my girl on Easter...We are planning on making her American Girls new bedding for a copycat bed my brother in-law made for Madeleine!!  
It's even better than the one they sell!!  I'll post pics next week!

So, that's it for now until next week!  

{pic of us last Easter...what a great day that was!}

Happy Easter!!!

xo- nancy elizabeth


  1. The home exterior is looking fantastic!!! You and your daughter are so precious! Have a Happy Easter! xo

  2. OHH, I can't wait! Really like the color of the house, very nice and clean and bright. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

    Cindy Sue


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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