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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{ at } home today....A quick Project

The other day I landed this amazing BIG HUGE LARGE oil painting at my local thrift shop for $12.50!! I quickly took it to the register and had them hold it for me while I shopped!  Did NOT want anyone else to snatch it from know how it is when you go thrifting right? People follow you around & if they see something in your cart they want they will wait for the perfect opportunity when you let your guard down and turn your back....SNATCH it's gone! LOL
 Well, this has never happened to me in entirety- once  this lady followed me around the store for a pair of boots I had in my hand...she wouldn't let up!  Seriously.  She kept asking me over and over if I indeed was going to buy them b/c her daughter would love them...over and over again.  I told her YES every single time then, get this...a real piece of work she was...she{crazy lady} apparently knew someone who worked at the store because she {crazy lady}tried to see if the worker friend would be able to get them from me!  REALLY no joke! CRAZY I tell ya! I heard the entire conversation! 
But really, how could I not see someone taking off with this painting right?  

so BEWARE of crazy's like this woman! eeeek!

ok -here is the quick make-over
the pillow before

and here it is after

{sorry about the blur}

AND here is the painting!  how great is this! It takes up the entire wall!  

for the pillow - I cut little strips of remnant ribbon and tied to the buttons on the pillow

looks cute right?

I had another idea and I may just do it... make pom poms {maybe just 2 colors} and replace the ribbons? 

I'm all into pom poms & tassels right now! {in bright colors only not 90's tassels}

I think it's the newest!! 

not sure if you remember me mentioning before -  a few months back I took my daughters bed apart for 

painting and it's still sitting in my bedroom.

since, I have decided to part with the bed & I am going to buy her an upholstered headboard.

AND once again we will re-arrange her room! 

oh and guess what? I have painted her bathroom! I'll show later when I finish with it.

xo nancy elizabeth


  1. Love the pillow idea. I don't blame you one bit for snagging the painting! It has so much color and could be used in so many different ways. I am dying to paint the table that sits in our kitchen. Maybe reading your blog will give me the courage to do it. The table is solid oak, and it is 33 years old now. It doesn't have any scratches or flaws. I am just tired of the medium oak color. I have considered painting just the top and leaving the pedestal legs the orginal color. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Linda Faye

  2. What a GREAT find! And it looks incredible with the pillow! I think the ribbon ties are PERFECT! Again, what a GREAT find! Can't wait to see the bathroom pics!


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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