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Thursday, September 6, 2012

{ at } home today...feeling it Feng Shui Style

Over the summer I moved the oil painting I scored for $12 that was in my daughters room into the entryway... 
I found a little book stashed away in a box from who knows where and it peaked my interest so, I  started reading it...It was a book about how to Feng Shui your home.

After reading a few chapters I felt a huge abundance of energy{seriously}
 & went around attempting to Feng Shui a few rooms{please help me}

I know I need all the GOOD Feng Shui I can get!

First thing I noticed was the large dark antique wardrobe facing the front door with a mirror
 It's a TOTAL NO NO in the Feng Shui rule book!

In Feng Shui- you should never put a mirror in front of a door because it pushes all the good Feng Shui  right back out.

DONE -moved the wardrobe!

then read,  add color to at the entry 
& a water feature for prosperity or something& negative energy..
 I didn't have a waterfall - instead I added shells & a family beach picture!

I think making a few changes sure did make a difference! Am I hallucinating? Maybe, Maybe not..It just felt more inviting  & not DRAB like before!

A testament- my sister came over later that week & said when she first walked in the house
"Oh it just feels so inviting & Happy"

so maybe it does work? 
still kinda skeptical....i need to add the water feature..maybe that will help my sketchiness 

I think color does make a difference in you mood...if everything was so black and white all the time we would probably all be walking around like zombies!  :)

 Never be scared of adding a little COLOR here and will definitely put a smile on your face!

it did MINE :)

Have you ever Feng Shui'd?

XO nancy elizabeth

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  1. Hi Nancy!! Love the photo. And, I do believe in placement of pieces and accessories in the home. Never read a book in regards to feng shui but catch an article here and there. Have a great weekend!!


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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