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Friday, October 19, 2012

{ at } home today....the Afters

As promised here is the before, during and after of the closet...


all clear tubs from ikea

this shoe hanger is from ikea...a great way to organize the misc. toys, craft materials etc.  

the only thing left to do in this closet is labeling the shoe hanger so the kids know what's in each pocket and change out all the hangers.  I don't like Wire Hangers.."no more wire hangers"

below are a few other pics of before and afters...

laundry room before

and after...

I utilized her baskets to contain different items....

3/4 of the way finished with her house!

it's amazing what a difference it makes to get things organized- the house feels much lighter without all the clutter!  Clutter is NOT good for your health!

and  my clients kiddos are loving the organization and have been putting things back in it's place!  

Now that makes me feel accomplished!

more pics to come...

we are finally getting cooler weather...maybe I'll finish painting this weekend...maybe?

I am so grateful for this opportunity and Thank God everyday for answered prayers!

wishing you an amazing weekend!

xo nancy elizabeth

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Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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