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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{ at } home today....Organize Organize Organize

I've been MIA lately but for a great reason!  I've landed an organizing job and I am loving every minute of it!!

I believe if you organized it makes life easier to handle from day to day.  Do you agree? I DO...when my house is a clutter mess I feel like I'm out of control and can't focus.   My goal is to try to live a simple life and not depend on STUFF as much.  I would love to open my bedroom closet door one day and just see exactly what I use day to day and I'm getting better SO YAY for ME!!

I try to make it a habit to purge at least once every 2 months.  We {my daughter } accumulates a ton of nickity nacks and they pile up in her room, closet, living room...etc.

I am teaching my daughter that it's OK to let go! I believe it's an important lesson & hope she will take it with her when she's on her own one day.  {not ready for that just yet she's only 9 THANK GOD!....}

and ME, my clutter....well,  I have been selling on Craigslist and BOY do I feel MUCH better letting GO and the extra $$$!

I still have a ton more to list but, for now I'm concentrating on doing a GREAT job at my clients home.

Here is a hall closet before I started

and here is the semi after...

almost finished with this closet and I promise to post the after!!

xo nancy elizabeth

1 comment:

  1. Hi Nancy! Once I settle in a new home, I will need to purge MORE! When moving, I let go of a lot! But, living in a temp apartment has let me feel comfortable with letting go of even more! I agree that disorganization and clutter makes my brain fuzzy, too. Have a great day!


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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