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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{ at } home today...Dec. it's not too late?

it's not too late to post about December is it?

 I'm a little behind since the last 2 months just flew by!

November and December are always the busiest...

my daughter joined Girls on the Run and ran her 2nd 5K!  Very proud of her accomplishment!!

she met cutie Stephanie Scott from Ant Farm!  

She turned 10!  Her wish was to have an Ice Skating Bday party and a trip the the American Girl store just minutes from our house...darn that store!  HA!

 a little blurry but here we are at the Woodlands Ice Skating Rink....

our little Maya all dress up for Christmas

 our pinterest recipes ....flour less chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter chocolate bars!  both were great!

Teacher Christmas Treats....peppermint and chocolate marshmallows for hot cocoa

all wrapped up and ready for delivery

Maya our puppy got a hold of one of the elves and took a chunk out of her  
thank god she came back the next day with a bandage!

a few wrapped gifts...

 love putting out our vintage ornaments on a silver platter...

a cute wrapped gift by Madeleine for her daddy....

well that about wraps it moving onto January 2013!!

xo's nancy elizabeth


  1. Congrats to your daughter on her 5k!! Your Christmas treats all look so yummy ~ those choc cookies especially!!

    You asked about widening the stitch on my embroidery machine .... from what I can tell, I don't think so, but not completely sure. I called customer service to ask but they never came back on. lol It doesn't say anything in the manual either, I'm sorry I don't know for sure. I suppose you could do a design twice and of course that would show up better, but otherwise it stitches as is. The font I had shown was a very curly, more dainty design because that is what I wanted. I've also used thicker fonts and of course those show much more, I guess it depends mostly in the design/font. Hope that helps?!

    1. Thanks for trying!! YOur too sweet :) I love the font you used! i'm definetely going to look into buying one!!

    2. Okay, apparently yes you can. I did hear back from CS and there are instructions in the book for doing so, but haven't tried it. There are just too many different fonts/styles, so I just choose according to how much I want it to show, etc.
      Anyway, just wanted to let you know in case you come back to this some day when you're ready to buy. :)

  2. Catching up on all the lovely blogs it too late to say Happy New Year ? I have decided that it isn't ! By the way, you just killed me with those cookies ; thank God I don't live in America, I couldn't stop eating !xx

    1. Never too late!! Happy New Year to you as well :) Thanks for checking in on me! I've been a lazy blogger lately...I have been instagraming instead...much less time consuming! lol
      The flourless cookies were great after being in the refrigerator over night! I love refrigerated sweets!
      see you around!! xo's nancy elizabeth


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