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Thursday, February 14, 2013

{ at } home today...Happy Valentines Day!

This Valentine's Day I wish all my sweet friends a lovely lovely day with lot's of Love and Happy memories!!

Gifts for some special Valentine's ready to be delivered!  
I purchased some cute monogram coffee mugs from Anthro!  
Love the packaging!

I recycled a heart shaped chocolate box for my little Valentine..I cut a copy of her silhouette and glittered it and decoupaged on a lace paper...inside I put little trinkets and CASH

I went to  Papersource for the first time ever and OMG I am in LOVE!!  I have always looked online at all the goodies they sell but seeing with my 2 eyes was delightful!
especially if your a sucker for cute paper and packaging like myself!!
I had to contain myself not to go overboard...I know I felt the way my daughter feels when she steps foot in the American Girl store!! My mind just couldn't focus & please don't talk to me when I browsing!!  LOL

a cute little picture I took of her little sweets I put together...I love milk glass & gummybears!

last night my sweathearts couldn't wait to surprise me with my Valentine's gifts!
I recieved this lovely tulip plant and a MIO gps watch!
I am so Blessed!

this morning I woke up extra early to make my little Valentine her favorite breakfast...
chocolate chip pancakes
added a couple of chocolate dipped strawberries a friend delivered last night!
she had a huge smile on her face and then, gave me a warm hug & kiss!!
All I ever want is for my family to be happy and know that I LOVE them very very MUCH!! 
Creating memories is the most heartwarming feeling!
and hugs and kisses as well.

xo's nancy elizabeth
follow me on's where i'm at most of the time!

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