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Thursday, March 8, 2012

{ at } home today...Day 1 of Painting

Here is the house day 1 of being primed!  It took us an entire day just to do the white part of the house below...but, no complaints here -it was a super sunny breezy day which actually made it enjoyable...Painting enjoyable? WHY yes, I find it therapeutic! I actually love to paint. I wouldn't do it for a living but you get the picture.

I am really liking the white! It's a really stark white since it's a primer but, I can totally envision the softer white.  It just makes all the greenery pop and I love the way the front door looks against it.

I am thinking of laying brick for the tiny concrete pad by the front door and the 3 little steps...I want it to feel more nantucket-ish.

day 2 my brother in-law painted the back upper side roof line 
and now on day 3 finishing the lower side back.

the weather has turned on us and has put us a little behind 4 & 5 look like rain outs but hoping to get it sprayed completely by next week -weather permitting!

progress looks good and very pleased with the white!

what do you think of the white? 

xo nancy elizabeth


  1. It's looking beautiful! I love white houses! It's going to be lovely! You will love the way flowers and greenery dance against a lovely white house! Just in time for Spring!

  2. I absolutely love the white! So fresh and it makes the house stand out. Can't wait to see the bricklaying, really good idea. Good job!

  3. Hi Nancy! Just stoppin by to tell you that I awarded your blog as a Liebster Blog Award recipient! You can visit my blog to retrieve your award button so that you can proudly display it on your blog! Congratulations!


Thanks for sharing your comment!! xo Nancy

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